Journey with Bayswater & Beyond Chamber of Commerce

Sometimes, people show up in your life for a reason.

So was the meeting with the team behind the local chamber of commerce set in the heart of Morley but based within the city of Bayswater. A chamber dedicated to 3 key things :

* Collaboration



More than the collaboration, for most of you would know that is my trigger-happy buzz word of 18' and 19' - hell it's still going - was the celebration aspect of the virtues.

The chamber stood for more than just referrals, and the people who showed up after embodied it.

From local commercial electricians to members of chambers & business associations in other towns, It has been a ride of new friendships with the weekly grinds celebrating new faces in new places across the suburbs, most recently in Sherbet Cafe, Maylands.

May the chamber grow as it does, with a team as strong & virtuous as the one running it now - through times out of the current economic landscape.

The world needs more people like us.

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